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Seasonal Approach

Our exceptionally high food standards are a constant but as the seasons change, our chefs enjoy working with diverse ingredients from the British growing calendar.

We use the finest seasonal & locally sourced products

We undertake various measures to ensure that the produce and ingredients we purchase are traceable and sourced sustainably and the Sustainable Restaurant Association has recognised our exceptional approach to sourcing local and seasonal food and sustainable fish.

It is our aim to reduce the ‘ecological footprint’ of Lexington through the reduction of food miles by maintaining a focus on seasonality. This also ensures we’re using only the freshest produce and allows us to work with a range of local suppliers throughout the year.

SPRING Seasonal Ingredients

As we step into Spring we ask Chef Director, Rob Kirby, to share one of his favourite Spring time recipes.

Here, he shares a dish from his middle book – Family Kitchen – featuring pancetta, runny eggs and asparagus. It really is the perfect Spring Brunch…