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With over 20 years experience, we know that exquisite food truly has the power to transform business into pleasure and our hospitality menus are designed to just that. Whether it’s crafting unique menus, innovative design, or event planning, we possess the expertise and know-how to execute your hospitality and event catering with a distinct and delectable touch, no matter the occasion.


For any occasion, we excel in fine dining hospitality. Our expert teams deliver professional, creative, and delicious experiences, whether it’s a modest healthy selection or Michelin-star presentation. Prioritising impeccable food, discreet service, and delighted guests, we ensure a positive impression every day.


Introducing Chicory, where bold flavors meet refined presentation in a small plate format. Our concept is a fusion of upscale hospitality dining and the laid-back charm of small plate experiences. With Chicory, we bring you carefully designed, well-polished dishes that pack a punch, delivering a delightful and sophisticated culinary adventure.


We specialise in crafting exceptional small, medium and large-scale events, meticulously tailoring every detail of food and service. Our approach to event catering mirrors our commitment to creating personalised, enjoyable, and unforgettable experiences.


In need of swift and efficient office catering? Look no further than LexUnboxed, our dedicated hospitality delivery service. Whether it’s for internal or external meetings, events, virtual gatherings, or in-office occasions, we’ve got your culinary requirements covered for breakfast, lunch and afternoon bakes.

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Hospitality Showcase

At the forefront of innovation, our food forums are prime time for creative exploration. During a recent hospitality innovations food forum, our food development team delivered a captivating showcase, presenting colleagues with an array of exciting new hospitality dishes. Discover some standout highlights from the event.