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Our Chefs Share Their Favourite Spring Ingredients

Spring has finally arrived, bringing with it clearer skies, warmer temperatures, and plenty of seasonal produce. As we welcome the Spring season, our Lexington chefs share some of their favourite spring ingredients and how they intend to use them!

Wild Garlic

Endless uses and best ingredient to forage for”

This springtime herb is loved by chefs and home cooks alike for its punchy flavour profile. It has a gentle, more subtle flavour than normal garlic, making it the perfect addition to pestos, garlic butters, soups and marinades. Treat it like baby spinach, because it wilts down quite quickly and requires very little work.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

“So many ways to use this” 

Another short-lived gem of the spring season is purple sprouting broccoli, wild and woolly in appearance, crunchy and nutritious in taste. Delicious in a hearty grain bowl, served as a crispy side dish, or incorporated into a stir fry.

Gorse Flowers

“A delicious spring find”

Gorse flowers grow all year round, however, in spring they peak as almost all the plant is covered in bright yellow blossoms. These flowers have a distinct vanilla-coconut aroma, edible with an almond-like taste, great for flavouring custards and creams. They can also be eaten raw on salads or pickled like capers. 

Red Vein Sorrel

“Tangy and citrusy”

Early spring also sees the arrival of red vein sorrel, a herb characterised by its citrusy flavour. Perfect for infusing salads with a refreshing zest or as a vibrant garnish, red vein sorrel adds a burst of freshness to any dish.  


They make great syrups”

Dandelions are often considered a nuisance in lawns and gardens, but they are actually incredibly versatile and nutritious plants, especially in spring when they are abundant. Dandelion flowers make great homemade syrups that serve as a vegan-friendly alternative to honey.

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