Our Brands


Uncover the heart of your workplace with our dynamic staff restaurants. Experience a boost in engagement, inclusivity, wellness and team spirit as our dining spaces offer opportunities for colleagues to rejuvenate and connect. Each day brings a fresh adventure as we infuse familiar favourites and seasonal delights with our bespoke dining concepts, ensuring a consistent undercurrent of quality, seasonality, nutrition and innovation.

A taste of our food residencies


Akwaaba, meaning ‘you are warmly welcome’ in Ghanaian, was created by Ghanaian Chef, Andrew, to showcase the core spirit of Ghanaian hospitality. Dishes include a fragrant Waakye from North Ghana to a rich vegetarian staple of Akan cuisine known as Kontomire.

Rama Social

Think Japanese flavour with Latin soul. Rama Social is based on Nikkei food, a type of fusion cuisine that combines Japanese and Peruvian elements. This concept experiments with different cooking techniques – from traditional Japanese cooking to hibachi grilling.


Our Caribbean food concept, Belly, is an undeniable hit, started by Chef Tyrone in his very own home to bring a taste of Jamaica to London. Using traditional recipes and sourcing authentic, high-quality ingredients, Belly is fragrant, flavoursome, and full of personality.


Inspired by the food and culture of 7000+ islands of the Philippines, Pampanga artfully blends traditional Filipino culinary techniques with a modern twist, crafting a menu that captures the essence of the islands.


Our customisable, seasonal and delicious take on the classic salad bar lets customers pick and choose their ingredients and bring them to the counter, where they are sliced, diced and chopped before their eyes. After being seasoned and sauced, their bespoke healthy lunch is ready to go.