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Café and Delis

Café and Deli

When you combine tasty, fresh, seasonal meals with great service and exciting presentation – menu fatigue never sets in! Whether you’re after premium sandwich selections, fresh salads or an expertly brewed coffee, we offer a personalised service that matches our clients’ values and culture and exceptional food, every time


Why have just one deli when you can have FOUR?

Our Deli Pop Up is four fresh, authentic sandwich concepts with clear brand identities, usually booked for one week each per month, on a rotating basis.


According to East London urban legend, founders and brothers Asher and Sammy Cohen lost the keys to Beigel Bake in 1974, leaving them no choice but to keep their Brick Lane store open 24 hours a day, serving delicious, traditional Jewish beigels.

We source our Stacked Beigels from Beigel Bake and the Lexington team stack them with flavour, fresh ingredients and before serving them to our hungry customers.

Sub Club

Hyman Rinkoff arrived here in 1911, with a one way ticket from Kiev, a passion for baking and a determination to establish himself in London as a master baker. Flash forward 100 years and you’ll find three generations continuing his deliciously-doughy legacy at their family bakery in Whitechapel, where Lloyd Rinkoff rises before dawn to bake the Subs for our Sub Club concept. Then, the Lexington team fill them with the likes of bavette steak, portabello mushroom, truffle mayonnaise… This is one club you’ll want to join!

Tiger Wraps

Blink and you’ll miss it, but there’s a tiny slice of India over in Dalston that we’ve partnered with to create our Tiger Wraps!

Hole-in-the-wall-bakery ‘Ararat Bread’, is well-known amongst locals for producing the best naan in London. Once thought to be a mere curry-side snack, we’re letting Ararat’s creations take centre stage with our Tiger Wraps. With a menu that serves as a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, our chefs have taken the distinctive flavours of North, South, East of West India and wrapped them in the famous, flaky Dalston-made Naan.

Viet Bahn

With over 100 years and three generations of Rinkoffs baking in Whitechapel – It’s no wonder their baking has become world class, literally! Lloyd and his team have the unique ability bring tastes of the globe to London with fresh croissants, subs and even Bahn-mi!

We take these traditional Vietnamese sandwiches and fill them with flavours parallel to those you’d find on the streets of Hanoi, but ingredients sourced much closer to home. Our Viet-Bahn showcase the best of both sides of the world!