Our Brands

Cafés and Delis

Our cafés offer something for everyone. Whether you’re after premium sandwich options, unique deli concepts, seasonal salads, grab-and-go items or freshly baked pastries, our cafés are dynamic spaces tailored to your business.  We’ll always prioritise convenience without compromising on quality, ensuring your business is energised for the day.

A taste of our deli concepts


Indulge in the authentic taste of Brick Lane Beigels, baked fresh every morning and stacked with flavorful ingredients by our dedicated Lexington team.

Sub Club

Freshly baked subs with gourmet fillings like bavette steak, portabello mushroom, and truffle mayonnaise, all made using London-based Rinkoffs Bakery speciality bread.

Tiger Wraps

Discover the distinctive flavours of India wrapped in the famous, flaky Dalston-made Afghan Naan from Ararat bakery.

Viet Bánh

Experience the fusion of traditional Vietnamese sandwiches filled with flavours reminiscent of Hanoi’s streets, using locally sourced ingredients.