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We create memorable workplace experiences built around fabulous people, fantastic food, and great service. Recognising that every client has unique needs and preferences, we offer bespoke catering options to reflect your values and culture. Everything we do is designed with you in mind.

Cafés and Delis

We understand the importance of a vibrant workplace café and deli experience. Our services are tailored to fit seamlessly into your corporate environment, offering fresh, seasonal meals that align with your company’s culture and values.

Our premium sandwich selections, fresh salads, and specialty coffee are not just food items; they’re a part of your team’s daily motivation and satisfaction. Let us enhance your office with a café and deli experience that keeps your employees energised and productive.


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Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are more than just drinks; they’re a vital part of the workday. That’s why at Lexington Catering, we’ve partnered with leading UK suppliers including Pact and Change Please to bring speciality tea and coffee experiences to your business. Our coffee philosophy is rooted in quality and social responsibility, ensuring every cup not only tastes great but also supports positive community initiatives.

Transform your business meetings and employee breaks with our exceptional tea and coffee culture.

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What we choose to eat during business hours can have a huge impact on our productivity, mood and wider health. When high quality, exciting options are readily available, employees have one less thing to worry about when lunchtime rolls around.

That’s where we come in. Lexington restaurants are a one-stop shop – with enough variety to meet the diverse tastes of your workforce but a consistent undercurrent of quality, seasonality and innovation. Experience the convenience and delight of having a Lexington restaurant right at your workplace, where every meal is an opportunity to recharge and inspire.

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Our hospitality services redefine the intersection of business and pleasure. From intimate gatherings to grand-scale events, we love creating bespoke culinary experiences. Our hospitality menus are crafted to impress, with a focus on simplicity, style, and uniqueness. Trust us to transform your corporate events into memorable occasions that reflect the sophistication and values of your business.

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