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Lexington Visits Wildfarmed HQ

We were thrilled to visit Wildfarmed HQ at Colleymore Farm in Swindon recently. Hearing directly from the co-founders and team about the regenerative revolution was truly inspiring.

Our day was packed with valuable insights into regenerative farming, biodiversity, ecosystems, and more. The experience began with an introductory talk and a farm walk led by Wildfarmed co-founders George Lamb and Andy Cato. Following this, our Lexington team enjoyed a Wildfarmed feast featuring incredible food vendors from across the UK.

It was amazing to witness a regenerative farm in action and to connect with industry colleagues passionate about soil health and the future of the food industry. Learning about the origins of the flour we use in our kitchens, and the vital ethos and farming community it supports, was fantastic.

What is Regenerative Farming?

Conventional farming practices face multiple environmental challenges, including high greenhouse gas emissions from fertiliser inputs and declining soil health, which collectively impact farmer and community livelihoods. These practices often undervalue soil life, relying on pesticides and artificial fertilisers that harm beneficial organisms. 

Regenerative farming, on the other hand, works with nature to address climate change and ecological collapse. By aligning with natural ecosystems, regenerative farming creates a cascade of positive outcomes for the land, the farmer, and the consumer.

How Can You Help?

There are many simple ways you can support regenerative farming:

Support companies that advocate for regenerative farming
Learn more about regenerative agriculture in your area and around the world
Shop locally and support regenerative farmers in your community

A big thank you to Wildfarmed for the incredible experience!To learn more about the Wildfarmed revolution, visit Wildfarmed.