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Our all-encompassing healthy eating brand follows the ‘more is more’ approach to food, nothing taken out, just great ingredients added in.


Blend is the overarching healthy eating solution incorporating our award-winning healthy eating brands to place focus on sustaining our customers throughout their working day and beyond.


Our multi award winning Flex range isn’t just about counting calories, with extensive nutritional labelling (and QR coding linking back to MyFitnessPal) it’s our easiest option to ensure you’re getting all the good fats, proteins and carbs to stop your energy levels peaking and troughing.



Winner of the Stakeholder Engagement Award at the 2019 Foodprint Awards, Trashed encourages the Lexington chef team to think about their role as chefs in helping reduce food waste.


Because no one should be left out of the afternoon tea run! Our gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and raw alternatives to traditional cakes and bakes cater to a range of dietary requirements without compromising on taste.


Grab, blitz, go – getting your daily nutrients has never been more delicious!

Our Vitalicious vegeware pots are filled to the brim with ever-changing seasonal vegetables, fruit, seeds and essential vitamins. Grab the monthly concoction, take it to the team and watch as it transforms into a goodness-filled juice before your very eyes!

Grains & Greens

Designed to suit the ever growing ‘flexitarian’ diet, our award winning vegetarian and vegan food range is creative, healthy and of course, tastes great. Protein packed, with wholegrains and a variety of vegetables, Grains and Greens make the plant-based lifestyle more delicious than ever.