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Embracing our motto, “Daringly Delicious,” we approach every endeavor with boldness and creativity, consistently pushing boundaries to captivate our clients customers. Our goal? To make guests fall in love with our food and drink every time.

Food Team

Our dedicated food team comprises experts in innovation and food product development, guiding projects from concept to launch. Employing a forward-thinking strategy towards innovative culinary provision, they guarantee our food offerings remain at the forefront of trends, consistently delivering freshness and excellence across our restaurants, cafés, and events. Collaborating closely with our on-site chef teams, they ensure a continuously refreshed menu selection.

Food Innovation Forums

Our seasonal food forums unite our exceptional Lexington team, offering an excellent opportunity for our food team to foster idea sharing, inspire action, and unveil menu innovations inspired by the latest food and drink industry trends, all while making the most of seasonal produce. Explore the highlights from our latest food innovation forum.

Casual Dining Competition

Our award-winning Lexington Casual Dining Competition, now in its third year, challenges chefs from across our business to craft their own casual dining concept. We take immense pride in this initiative, as it serves as a catalyst for food and food brand innovation, celebrating diverse cultures, culinary origins, and individual narratives.

The Bold Idea

Innovation is woven into the fabric of our culture, influencing not only our processes but also our mindset, communication, and interactions with clients.

The Bold Idea initiative draws inspiration from our core value of ‘Be Bold – take the initiative,’ serving as a platform to foster innovation from all members of our Lexington team. This initiative empowers every individual within Lexington, irrespective of their role, to contribute ideas aimed at propelling innovation and fostering continuous improvement.