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Learning with Food: Why a Catering Apprenticeship Might be Right For You


Apprenticeships give people the chance to gain qualifications, training and experience, whilst earning a wage. Once qualified a whole world of options awaits apprentices, thanks to the practical skills and experience they have accrued. All without racking up any student loans!


These opportunities are being offered in almost every sector and industry imaginable. From agriculture to IT, from construction to the media, from engineering to finance.


So why, with so many options available, should you choose a catering apprenticeship?


The most obvious reason would be that you love food, but there is more to it than that. Catering is a fast paced, social, creative and challenging environment. It’s also a great time to be joining the industry, which is already worth £4.7 billion in the UK, and is set to keep growing.


Opportunities have existed in hospitality and catering industries since the early 2000s and there are now countless different areas to gain experience in: from hospitality to schools and colleges, from healthcare to household names on the high-street. Each of these comes with its own unique challenges and prospects.


Lex School of Talent

Lexington Catering has always worked hard to recruit people with potential and train them become amazing chefs. That is why, way back in 2011, Lexington designed the ‘Lex School of Talent’ as an opportunity for aspiring chefs to learn on the job and build an amazing future for themselves.


The Lex School of Talent works with Springboard and the University of West London to provide an opportunity to earn qualifications whilst working in a supportive and stimulating environment.



Louisa Kemp, Lexington Apprentice says, “I chose Lex School of Talent because it sounded like a great way to train to be a chef. It is a great apprenticeship scheme because it provides on the job practical hands on training whilst giving apprentices the opportunity to gain recognisable catering qualifications.


“I have nearly completed my second year and have gained experience in a variety of kitchens across different sites. I have enjoyed broadening my repertoire of dishes and rotating around the kitchen on different sections. I like having the opportunity to give input on what to put on the menu, and following an idea through from beginning to end that involves prepping, cooking, displaying and serving the food.


“I would like to continue my development and undertake a third year at college learning patisserie and confectionery.”


So, whether you have decided against university, just graduated and are looking for your next step, or perhaps you have been in the workplace for a while and fancy a change of direction, make sure you check out catering apprenticeship programme to see if it is right for you. You can find out more about Lex School of Talent here.