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Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

This National Apprenticeship Week we are proud to showcase our commitment to providing opportunities for growth and progression to all our colleagues, enabling them to flourish and move into exciting new roles throughout their time at Lexington.

Our chef apprenticeships, part of our award-winning Lex School of Talent, welcome individuals passionate about gaining experience in the culinary industry. Additionally, we provide opportunities for internal colleagues seeking to enhance their current careers with us.

Take a look at the thoughts of some of our current and graduated apprentices, including our Lexington Reception Services colleagues, and find out what the opportunity has meant to them.

Marina Kuzmenko, Sous Chef, Team Leadership and Supervisory Apprenticeship

“The apprenticeship facilitated my transition to sous chef, overseeing the cold production kitchen. It provided valuable insights into effective team management and the appropriate approach to individuals on my team. To anyone thinking of taking on an apprenticeship, I think it is a great opportunity to progress in your career.”

Flore Kubaku, CDP Pastry Chef, Chef Apprenticeship

“Through my apprenticeship, I worked in five different kitchens, uncovering my passion for patisserie. Now, I specialise as a CDP Pastry Chef, participating in competitions like HRC and Lexington Casual Dining.”

Samantha Ford, Front of House Manager, Team Leadership and Supervisory Apprenticeship

“It is a big commitment but worthwhile for skill development and learning. It is the perfect opportunity to grow and challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone.”

Lex School of Talent

In 2011, we designed our award-winning Apprentice Scheme, Lex School of Talent, to give aspiring chefs an opportunity to learn on the job and build an amazing career.

We work with Springboard and The University of West London to provide an opportunity for new chefs to gain NVQ 1 and 2 qualifications, whilst working in a supportive, fun and stimulating environment.

Apprenticeships are perfect if you want to combine qualifications with practical, hands-on experience.

If you would like to learn more about our Apprentice Scheme and how to join get in touch today.