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Krishan Makol, Apprentice Chef, Talks Lex School Of Talent

To mark National Apprenticeship Week Murray Tapiki (MT), Lexington’s Development Chef, talks to Krishan Makol (KM), who is in his second year of the Lex School of Talent apprenticeship programme. Krishan tells Murray about his experience on the apprenticeship programme.

MT – What brought you to Lexington Catering?

KM – I studied Chef and Restaurant Level 1 at the University of West London and during that year I did a 4-week placement working at one of Lexington’s sites. I enjoyed it so much that I offered to work for an extra two weeks during their busy graduation event.

It was during this time that I approached Lexington about the apprenticeship programme. I absolutely love learning whilst working.

MT – How are you finding the apprenticeship programme?

KM – I am finding the apprenticeship incredibly helpful and lot of fun.

Now I am a little further into the training I have the opportunity to experiment a more and be a bit more creative, which is great.

At the moment I am based in a hospitality kitchen where I am getting to understand more about the fine dining side to food, which is amazing to experience.

MT – Talk us through some of your highlights so far

KM – It was fabulous to be named Young Tilda Chef of the Year 2015, at the Hospitality Show.

I was also awarded Bronze in the Tabasco Street Food Challenge and Bronze during the Lexington and Galvin Apprentice Challenge Cup. It’s so rewarding to see other people enjoy my cooking!

Having the opportunity to compete and being mentored by other chefs in the business has helped me become the chef I am today. It’s also really increased my confidence as a chef.

MT – What is one of the best things about the Lex School of Talent apprenticeship programme?

KM – There are lots of things but I absolutely love the Lexington events. Our main focus is all about the food, which I personally love, and every time I attend one of our Lexington events I’m so amazed by the innovation and how tasty the food is.

MT – What would you say are the top qualities needed to become a chef?

KM – Good organisational skills and creativity

MT – What do you enjoy the most?

KM – I love the team – we really support one another and I’m constantly learning. I also love making something tasty and seeing people enjoy my food.