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Lexington visit Southfield Academy

Last week we visited Southfield Academy as part of Business in the Community’s Give and Gain Day, the UK’s only national day dedicated to employee volunteering. 

The aim was to encourage students to think about where food comes from and healthy food options, whilst having a little fun. We also used food to help new arrivals, who are beginners in English, to gain a little more confidence.

The day kicked off with a spider-web icebreaker; the activity encouraged the new students to introduce themselves confidently to their peers, our chefs and other team members. The students also had to create a cup-cake each to reflect their own and British culture.

Maria Fearon, Mentor Coordinator at Southfields Academy said, “It was an inspirational day of learning for us. A big thank you goes to Lexington Catering Team for sharing their time and skills with our community.”