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Lexington Catering partners with The Gut Stuff and creates the Gut Loving Kitchen

Lexington Catering is the first caterer to partner with The Gut Stuff to create food choices that are good for the gut and to help educate customers on the importance of choosing food that positively supports their gut health.

The Gut Stuff, a B Corp Certified company, was founded by twins Alana and Lisa Macfarlane with the aim of educating consumers about the importance of gut health and what action can be taken to promote positive gut health.  

Lexington Catering has developed the Gut Loving Kitchen concept, with the support of its partner the Gut Stuff, and trialled it initially at one client site – Linklaters. Both Lexington and the Gut Stuff aim to promote the importance of consuming food that is high in fibre, has a variety of plant-based ingredients and includes ferments as these are all beneficial for good gut health.  

Dishes that are good for the gut are labelled to help customers make informed choices and customers have access to leaflets that provide additional information on this topic.

Steven Snowdon, Lead Development Chef for Lexington Catering, said: “The Gut Loving Kitchen is a fantastic concept which will help our customers look after their guts. We have combined our culinary expertise with The Gut Stuff’s knowledge to create nutritious choices that will help to promote positive gut health; the food prepared in the Gut Loving Kitchen reflects what The Gut Stuff stands for and helps customers make choices that are both healthy and delicious.”

Co-founders Alana and Lisa said: “Gut Health is linked to mental health, dementia, immunity and many other diseases and it is critical that we educate people to understand the food choices that are good for their guts. We are excited by Lexington’s passion to educate its customers on this important issue and that they share our commitment to encourage customers to change their eating habits to support positive gut health.”

Sharon Scott, Contract Manager for Linklaters, said: “We are excited to trial Lexington’s Gut Loving Kitchen concept at Linklaters. We are committed to serving food that is both tasty and healthy and it is clear that our employees are increasingly interested in gut health. Feedback has been very positive with many employees choosing the Gut Loving Kitchen options for lunch.”

Matt Wood, Managing Director of Lexington Catering, said: “Workplaces are where many individuals eat their lunch on a regular basis and so we have a unique opportunity to educate customers about healthy eating and to help them to form healthy habits that promote good health such as positive gut health.”

the gut stuff collaboration

Following the successful pilot, we are now planning to roll out this concept to other client sites.