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Our Green Force Champions clean Southwick Beach

Last week, our dedicated Green Force Champions once again teamed up with the Marine Conservation Society for a South Coast beach clean. 

Building on the success of last year, our catering and Lexington Reception Services (LRS) teams joined forces in blustery Southwick. We were thrilled to have our wonderful friends at Unrooted Drinks join as well!

The day began with a beach clean survey, where our team worked along a 100m stretch of beach, recording every piece of waste collected. This valuable data plays a crucial role for the Marine Conservation Society as it helps them to lobby for legislative changes to combat marine pollution.

marine conservation society beach clean

In just over 1 hour our team removed a total of 342 litter items across this stretch! Almost 65% was made up of plastic and polystyrene, with around 38% of the litter coming from the general public and another 48% non-sourced. Most of this abandoned plastic waste ends up in the ocean, where waves and wind break it down into tiny fragments known as microplastics. These can then enter the marine food chain and become incredibly damaging to sea life.

Despite rain and wind, spirits remained high

After a well-deserved lunch break, our team returned to the beach for a more general clean up. 9 kilograms of waste was collected in total, with the majority being small items – that’s a lot of lolly sticks!

marine conservation society beach clean

By cleaning up and recording beach litter our Green Force champions have done something incredible for our oceans. Not only did they remove litter that harms our marine life and pollutes our ocean, they’ve provided vital data to fuel the Marine Conservation Society’s litter campaigns and help affect real change. 

Massive congratulations to our Green Force champions for continuing to make a positive difference to our environment.