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Announcing our New Supplier Partnership with Masafina

New supplier alert!

We are so excited to announce that we have joined forces with Masafina, suppliers of a range of premium Mexican products, to bring the best of Mexican ingredients and flavours to Lexington.

Founded by the duo, Andrea and Laura, Masafina is dedicated to bringing the finest Mexican ingredients and flavours to the UK, all while prioritising sustainability. Their commitment to authenticity is clear in their artisanal approach, blending traditional ingredients with generations-old recipes.

Based in North Acton their Masa Mill is the heart of their operation, where they create freshly prepared ingredients, preserving the richness of Mexican cuisine.

Jon Lilley, our Group Development Chef, says: “Partnering with Masafina is an amazing opportunity to introduce sustainable Mexican flavours to our offering. With their focus on regenerative farming and commitment to quality, Masafina is a partner, and we’re delighted to join them on their journey.”

To kick off our collaboration in style, we’ve integrated Masafina’s products into our Mexican concept, Quintana. From freshly made heritage corn tortillas to zesty salsas, Quintana infuses the regional flavours of Mexico into Lexington’s portfolio of brands.