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We attended the Harvey & Brockless: Meet the Makers Event!

This month, we had the delightful opportunity to attend the Harvey & Brockless Meet the Makers — a fantastic event brimming with culinary inspiration!

Featuring over 75 producers, many of whom are integral to our daily operations, we had the opportunity to discover more about the makers themselves and taste their amazing products. From sumptuous charcuterie to artisanal cheeses and beyond, we had a fantastic day. 

Our Group Development Chef, Jon Lilley, highlights some of his personal favourites from the event:

  1. Farrington Oils – Hailing from Northamptonshire, Farrington Oils presents sustainably produced, cold-pressed rapeseed oil. As pioneers of the ‘Seed to Bottle’ approach in Britain, their product has a delightful nutty flavour, making it a versatile and healthy choice for chefs and home cooks alike
  2. Fen Farm Dairy – Renowned for their Baron Bigod cheese, butter, cream, and raw milk, Fen Farm Dairy captured our hearts with their delectable offerings. Among our top picks is the truffled Baron Bigod, a Lexington favourite, especially when paired with a drizzle of lavender-infused honey
  3. Tempus – Tempus stands out as a shining example of British artisanal charcuterie. Crafted with care and sourced responsibly, their charcuterie uses often overlooked ingredients—such as retired dairy farmers—to create flavours that are truly exceptional. Their philosophy “older is always better” highlights their  commitment to quality and taste 

We are already looking forward to next year’s event!