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Inspiration visit to Portwood Asparagus Farm

The Lexington team recently took a trip to Portwood Asparagus farm in Attleborough, Norfolk to learn about the fabulous asparagus produce used in our kitchens daily. 

Owned by Andy Allen, a third-generation farmer on the land, Portwood Asparagus harvests 11 hectares of asparagus daily, with 250 tonnes of asparagus produced annually. Our team saw first hand where the asparagus they serve on our client sites is grown, graded by size, and delivered from farm to fork in less than 24 hours. 

Portwood Asparagus prides itself on its attention to detail and quality. It has invested in the latest equipment and technologies to enable the farm to produce high quality crops and optimise production using a cost-effective system. They have been accredited with industry standards in sustainable crop production and environmental protection.

Owner Andy Allen said: “We employ renewable energy practices wherever possible, including solar electricity generation, heat recovery and waste recycling. We look forward to developing the business into the future in a way that continues to meet both our customers’ and our own needs, and contributes positively to the local and wider economy.”

But the inspiration didn’t stop there. Following a visit to the farm our team took part in a friendly face-off to see who could create the best and most innovative asparagus dish. Judged by Andy Allen himself alongside our supplier of high-quality fruit and vegetables, DDP’s Paul Grimshaw, our team got stuck into the challenge!  

A massive thank you to Portwood Asparagus and Andy Allen for your hospitality and to DDP for joining our Lexington team on the day. We absolutely loved it!