Our Brands


Daringly Delicious

We like to do things differently and are known for being bold and creative.

We work with our clients to understand how far to push the boundaries in order to create delicious food and drink and great experiences that keep guests wanting to come back for more.

Our role is to ensure our clients make an impression with their restaurants, cafés and events, by keeping things fresh. We want guests to fall in love with the food and drink every time.

Food & Drink Innovation

Our amazing team stay on top of food trends and keep innovating to delight customers. We work with our clients to:

– Experience new products and services

– Share new successful initiatives across our sites

– Understand the impact initiatives are having elsewhere

– Share ideas and inspire others to take action

– Taste creative, modern and delicious new food and drink concepts


We are proud to have been recognised as being industry leaders in food innovation and driving healthy eating, with our award-winning healthy food ranges.


Technology is hugely important to every industry, particularly when it comes to customer service, marketing and boosting efficiency.

We have created some amazing bespoke apps for our client sites and partnered with innovative organisations to stay ahead of the curve. This includes our work with Vita Mojo, which is adding value around personalisation of food, particularly for customers who have allergies or specific dietary requirements.

The Bold Idea – innovating from within

Innovation is embedded in our culture – both in our processes and in how we think, communicate and engage with our clients.

The Bold Idea is inspired by one of our core values ‘Be Bold – take the initiative’ as a way to encourage and recognise ideas and innovation from everyone across Lexington.

It encourages everyone within Lexington, regardless of their role, to share ideas on how we can drive innovation and continuous improvement.