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The Caterer Talks About Lexington’s Approach To Reducing Food Waste

Lexington Catering, one of London’s leading contract caterers, is working with suppliers, clients and customers to look at ways to reduce food waste. Katherine Price, Senior Reporter at The Caterer, followed the team to find out more.

Katherine’s feature was published in the latest issue of The Caterer (14-20 December 2018) – she wrote about Lexington’s LexChef competition and discussed how the team are tackling food waste with the new Trashed brand.

This year LexChef focused on food waste – the theme was Trashed. Chefs had to research and talk to their suppliers to define their own meaning of ‘waste’. This could include sustainable breeds and cuts from animals such as retired dairy cows or billy goats; byproducts; or the utilisation and re-purposing of ingredients that generally end up being thrown away, such as coffee grounds, fish bones or ‘ugly’ veg.

Rob Kirby, Chef Director at Lexington Catering, said, “We’ve all got a part to play. Caterers play a massive role in terms of the numbers we feed daily without realising it – we serve 33,000 meals a day within central London in Lexington alone.”

Sam Potter, Development Chef at Lexington, helped Rob and the team run LexChef.  He said, “It really tested us and bent our heads of what we can do as a company. We need to start thinking about this as an issue. Contract caterers can set a trend for other people to follow; we can make a bit of a difference.”

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