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Lexington Catering partners with Fat Macy’s for new café launch

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest café in partnership with London-based social enterprise, Fat Macy’s. This venture represents a significant stride towards our commitment to creating a positive impact and fostering change in the communities that we serve. 

Dedicated to empowering individuals to transition from temporary accommodation to their own homes, Fat Macy’s achieves this through a multifaceted approach encompassing culinary and hospitality training, personalised support, and access to a rental deposit. The café is not just a culinary space but a steppingstone for those seeking stability and independence.

Food that Tastes Good and Does Good

Profits from the new café, based at our client offices, a leading financial services provider, will play a pivotal role in supporting housing deposit schemes for Fat Macy’s trainees. This financial backing extends beyond the kitchen, providing grants for essential items like personal ID documents, clothing, and shoes. Every item sold contributes to tangible, positive change in the lives of individuals striving for a brighter future.

The Fat Macy’s team has already provided thousands of hours of training and 1:1 support, saving thousands of pounds in housing deposits. 30 trainees have completed the programmes with seven being awarded a full grant to move into their own long-term rented accommodation.

Inspired by Lebanese Flavours

As if the cause itself weren’t enticing enough, the menu at this collaborative café delivers an exciting symphony of Lebanese flavours. Highlights include including spinach and feta Borek, cardamom cookies, spiced chicken, harissa, yoghurt, and salad wrap and a range of tabbouleh. We anticipate not only positive impact on the lives of those Fat Macy’s supports but also a delightful culinary experience for our client communities.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Fat Macy’s for partnering with us on this project. Their commitment to social change aligns seamlessly with our values, making this partnership more than just a café but a shared mission to make a difference.

As we welcome you to experience the charm of this new café, we encourage you to explore more about the incredible work of Fat Macy’s.

Visit to discover the inspiring journey and impact of this social enterprise.