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How We Built An Award-Winning Food Service Brand

Mike Sunley, Chief Executive of Lexington, talks to Minute Hack about the growth of Lexington. He discusses the cultural priorities and decisions that have led to Lexington’s success.

Mike Sunley portrait

Ever since it was established in 2002, Lexington has tried to do things differently. This open attitude and willingness to explore ideas has enabled us to develop a strong, people-focused culture that fosters innovation and isn’t afraid to learn from mistakes.

Mike says, “In order to remain competitive and grow in the way we expected, we needed to look at everything from our strategy, to our day-to-day operations, suppliers and the food we put on our menus.

“It was our culture and team that established Lexington and we needed to remain agile, to respond to market needs quickly and manage change effectively if we were to stay ahead of the game.”

Mike talks about the need to drive innovation and form strong partnerships. He talks about Lexington’s partnerships with food tech start-ups like Vita Mojo, which is helping the team personalise the food offer and help customers achieve their health goals by monitoring nutritional information.

Keeping the brand alive

Mike says, “In the modern business environment social media is important, awards invaluable and partnerships priceless, but what really matters for a catering provider is the food on offer and the team that provides it.”

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