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Creating the Very Best Service Culture

Lexington has become as well known for its excellent culture as it is for its food and reception services. We caught up with Laura Rouse, People Manager at Lexington, to discuss the importance of organisational culture in the service sector and the role it plays in helping to provide a 5* service.

Customer experience and organisational culture

These two areas are often written about separately but it’s vital that organisations create a synergy between the two.

We have worked hard to create a culture where our team is motivated, driven and happy. This is because a positive organisational culture, characterised by collaboration and robust support for staff, empowers employees with the tools needed to deliver exceptional customer service.

This investment in service and organisational culture is something Matt Wood, Managing Director of Lexington, and other directors feel very strongly about when running the day-to-day of Lexington. The culture needs to be right for our people if we are to achieve fabulous customer service.

We have introduced new initiatives to embed a culture of innovation and ensure we continue to achieve excellent service as our client sites grow.

How we create the very best service culture

Most recently, we have adopted a service excellence framework, called eXperience. The idea behind the framework is to demonstrate we are putting trust in our team – giving them the tools to create a positive culture and drive continued consistency across our portfolio as our client sites grow and more people join our team.

We have selected service champions, who are at each of our client sites, and they are responsible for promoting a positive culture within their team. You can’t beat having team members who are pleasant and friendly to each other and customers, and are both good at and love what they are doing.

To help our service champions do this we provide them with a toolkit to drive the framework and encourage ‘service’ related discussions among our teams.

The eXperience framework helps our service champions:

Make it social

By having service champions at each site we have someone who the team is familiar with. They are responsible for facilitating service discussions and making sure what they do works for customers and the team.

Make it fun

To inject energy into the activity each service champion holds a deck of cards with visual aids on elements of exceptional service, which they use as a conversation starter. This allows each team member to bring their own personal experiences to the table.

Make it personal

Our service champions facilitate discussions around service – encouraging teams to reflect on their own experiences of good and bad service. They look at the core elements of exceptional service – everything from eye contact and smiling to knowing your clients likes and dislikes.

Make an impact

Team members take an action away from each conversation and ensure they are focusing on this when delivering service.

“We believe exceptional service needs to be at the heart of everything we do. When you get the company culture right, great customer service and a great brand will happen on its own.”