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How We Cater to the Modern Professional

The landscape of workplaces has undergone a significant transformation. Today’s professionals expect more than just a desk; they seek collaborative cultures, comprehensive well-being support, and continuous learning opportunities. As a leading B&I contract caterer, Lexington understands the evolving needs of modern professionals and offers catering services that align seamlessly with these expectations. We don’t just cater for your workplace; we cater to your values and culture. Here’s how we do it: 

Fostering Collaboration

Bringing people together is what we do best. Lunch and coffee breaks become more than just moments of nourishment; they become opportunities for meaningful connections and collaboration. Our catering spaces are designed to facilitate these connections, boosting team satisfaction and creating a collaborative workplace culture.

Inclusivity Culture

Here at Lexington we’re proud to celebrate diversity through our culinary offerings. Our food brands represent a rich tapestry of global cultures, from Ghanaian and Mexican to Lebanese and Vietnamese. We take pride in celebrating cultural holidays, fostering an inclusive environment that embraces diversity through the universal language of food. By choosing Lexington, you signal your commitment to celebrating diversity in all its forms, and arguably one of the best – food culture! 

Tailored Experiences

We understand the importance of customisation. If there’s a specific national holiday or a desire to showcase food from a particular country or even a special week that honours your company’s founding, we can tailor our services to create a memorable and unique experience for your team. 

Emphasising Learning and Growth

Beyond satisfying hunger, we focus on the intellectual nourishment of your team. Our commitment to learning and growth extends beyond the plate, encompassing cooking demonstrations, seasonal produce education, sustainable supplier pop-ups, and the on-site expertise of our dietitian teams.


Modern professionals are increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint, even in their workplace dining choices. Sustainability drives everything we do, from wellness-focused food concepts to collaborations with environmentally conscious supply partners. Lexington is proud to be recognised as an industry leader in food sustainability innovation, consistently staying ahead of the curve to promote sustainable practices.

Elevating Health and Wellness Support

By offering catering services to your employees, you send the message of a genuine concern for employee wellbeing. Lexington takes this responsibility seriously, recognising the vital role daily eating habits play in maintaining overall health. Our nutrition and dietetics teams provide guidance on nutrition and wellness, contributing to a happier and healthier workforce. 

Read more about our Mindful Kitchen campaign which represents our commitment to encouraging conscious choices that prioritise both personal health and the wellbeing of our planet. 

Lexington Catering stands out as a partner committed to elevating workplace experiences. Our catering services not only meet but exceed the expectations of today’s workforce, creating an environment where collaboration, inclusivity, learning, wellness, and sustainability thrive.