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Food and mood pop-up event

Mental health is important, especially in the workplace. But did you know that food can have a huge impact on your general mood? 

Our dietetics team recently hosted a ‘food and mood’ pop-up during a bustling lunch service at one of our client locations to highlight this connection.

We discussed the specific foods or lack of vitamins and minerals that can impact our mood everyday. Did you know that the brain uses 20% of your body’s energy and relies on glucose for optimal focus and concentration? Skipping out on carbohydrates rich in glucose can leave you feeling unfocused and scattered. 

Our chefs also prepared some delicious tasters of nutritionally balanced snack options, including a zesty citrus labneh and an oat and flax bar, both packed full of essential nutrients such as protein, fats and fibre.

Take a look at both recipes below!