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Using social media to enhance your business

Iona Pite-McCaie, Marketing Manager at Lexington, talks to B&I Catering about social media and how the business uses it to enhance the customer and employee experience.

She says, “We use social media as a tool to engage and interact with the Lexy community – our team, clients, customers, suppliers and friends – wherever possible.

“We have a presence on LinkedIn, where we share some of our news and articles from both Lexington Catering and Lexington Reception Services. But for us it’s some of the other communities, particularly Twitter and Instagram, that enable us to really interact and engage with the Lexy community.

“It’s not only a great tool to showcase the talent within our team but we also use it to enhance customer experience. Some of our sites also have their own Twitter account, where appropriate, so that they can create more tailored communication aligned to the client’s brand and engage directly with their community.”

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