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Leading experts discuss the future of food

Leading ‘food’ experts highlight the importance of inspiring apprentices and continual professional development.

They said this is essential if we are to continue creating cutting edge food that customers love. 


Lexington Catering held an event, in partnership with the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM), bringing together leading industry experts to discuss future foods. The panel was led by Rob Kirby, Chef Director at Lexington, and included:

• Executive Chef, William Horswill, Burger & Lobster group
• John Feeney from Griffiths Food Technology 
• Gary Hunter, Director of Education, at Westminster College

In addition to its apprenticeship scheme and graduate development programme Lexington Catering work hard to make sure all employees, both chefs and front of house staff, have time to develop skills and keep learning. 

Rob Kirby, Chef Director at Lexington, says, ‘Our job is to make sure we give customers what they want. By allowing all employees time to learn we are able to provide a much better service to our customers.’

The panelists covered topics ranging from food innovation, making our food more affordable and nutritious, and the need to let consumers know where their food comes from. 

One area the panel were in agreement about is the need for simplicity – whilst crazy dishes have their place quite often it’s the simple dishes that customers want, especially at work.

Rob says, ‘The dish might be basic but it is how it is served that is the differentiator. It is this that will appeal to customers and increase footfall.’ 

Lexington will be using some of the areas discussed at this event to write a report. For more information please email