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Danny crowned Unit Chef of the Year at the FSM Awards!

Congratulations to Danny Leung, Head Chef at Knight Frank, for winning the FSM Unit Chef of the Year Award.

Danny Leung has worked with Lexington since 2004. He has proved to be an exceptional chef with fabulous cooking skills, an inspiring leadership style and consistently produces winning results.

Sheila de Cordova, Partner, Head of Events, Hospitality & Charity at Knight Frank, says, “Knight Frank are delighted to have Danny as Head Chef, he is an excellent chef with creative inspiration, flare and unstoppable enthusiasm for all things food.”

Rob Kirby, Chef Director at Lexington says, “Over the years Danny has really proved he is a top chef, standing out for his ability to develop some outstanding innovative dishes but also his ability to deliver real results for clients and bring in the customers.

“Not only is he a fabulous chef but he has great values to lead with. He plays an instrumental part in Lexington and its success while supporting all the things we do as a business to support the local community.”