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Winter nights are here to stay…

November’s here…

Dark evenings have settled in with the smell of bonfires & fireworks and the sounds of leaves crunching under foot.

This is the most action packed time of the year for the food team here at Lexington. We’re being kept busy prepping for Christmas and new foodie plans & products for 2016, but mainly it because it’s LexChef competition time at the end of the month!

We’ve got a record breaking seven chefs in the final from across the company this year! When we call the finalists to tell them that they’ve made it through firstly there’s elation, then there’s silence, then there’s the ‘’Oh my God, I’m through!’’ and then the hard work really starts for them: hours and hours of practicing and perfecting their entry, making sure they get it to the pass on time!

I have got some lovely friends and some serious industry players judging for us this year so its lining up to be the best year yet! Every year we go bigger and better, so the sky’s the limit for LexChef 2015!

This season brings lots of lovely root vegetables and pheasant and grouse will be eating really well and on the top of their game (excuse the pun!). Sprouts and parsnips are my favourite veggies of the season. Plus watch out for the Norfolk Bronze turkeys who will be strutting around looking nervous…

Also – make sure you pick up a copy of BBC Good Food as me & my chef Hannah made some beautiful Christmas gingerbreads which they photographed and featured this month!

Enjoy – hopefully Christmas won’t takeover the whole of the month with all the adverts & hype as November stands in its own right. It is a beautiful food rich month. With the leaves beginning to drop around us; it’s time for me to dig out my fishing rod and go catch some of those big winter trout!

Eat, Sleep, Love