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Time to dust off your casserole dishes

Here we go – full tilt into autumn with lots of beautiful colours on the trees and crisp mornings making a comeback!

It’s around this time of year all the weird and wonderful varieties of squash make their way into our local markets, with lots of root veggies and beautiful heritage beetroot appearing too.

We’ve been busy celebrating British Food Fortnight, across our sites. As well as dishing up squash we have lots of fabulous British apples rolling into our restaurants, from local Kent farms – all in time for National Apple Day, on Tuesday 21st October.

This is the time of year to make sure you pull your casserole dishes out, from the back of the cupboard, and dust them off in preparation for all of that lovely slow autumnal cooking that the colder months call for.

We’re already dreaming about big hearty stews, cooking slowly in the oven all day, washed down with a hunk of farmhouse bread and a glass of full bodied red wine…

Enjoy the midst of autumn and start getting excited about those hearty comfort dishes that will be appearing on menus and kitchen tables across the UK.

Eat, drink and love

Rob X