Our Brands

Spring is in the air…

I always feel like March is here to pull us into life from the slumber of winter.

We start seeing the lambs bouncing around and the first of the British asparagus will be showing its head soon in anticipation for some beautiful hollandaise sauce or melted butter, rock salt and black pepper – perfect.

We recently had a wonderful visit to artisan baker, supplier and good friend, Paul Rhodes, at his new bakery in Greenwich. We took over 70 chefs who all looked, made and smelt the freshest of bread – amazing to see handcrafted practises still in place, inspiring.

In other very exciting news… My third cook book, Delicious Gifts, is just about to launch!

It’s been two years in the writing and is all about handcrafting foody gifts; wrapping, hand tying and making beautiful presents straight from the heart (and kitchen).
Like the last book all royalties are shared with the The Children’s Hospital School at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and is a co-edition with my wonderful wife, Amber! This, along with the fact it’s being printed in different languages and is being distributed globally has made this the most exciting book yet!

I always find March an exciting month with brighter evenings, warmer days and ingredients awakening! From those gorgeous spring lambs through to the wild garlic leaf and Jersey Royals it really does feel like we’re shaking off the shackles of winter!

Eat, Sleep, Love