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September Sessions 2016

Autumn is upon us! Where has this year gone?!

Right now were busy getting ready for our annual LexChef competition – now in its 10th year. It’s already promising to be the best yet with a new format and new judges – it should make for a brilliant final on the 10th November.

The grouse season is still with us and the first of the British apples are appearing along with the pears bursting out on the trees. All perfect ingredients for a hearty meal to take on a blustery autumn evening – not that you’d need it just yet as London still basks in an Indian summer!

Look out for our whole new range of vegetarian Grains&Greens and Let’s Energise at our sites plus an exciting and healthy breakfast range coming too.

Vegetarian food is booming in the City and we’re really noticing a big increase in the number of customers who are eating ‘clean and lean’ during the week, embracing a veggie friendly diet and then slipping into the ‘dirty’ eating on the Friday ready for their blowout foodie weekends!

It’s an exciting time for our chefs as there are lots of new ingredients coming into the market – lots of fab things that they can play and experiment with! It’s giving our chefs a new style of cooking and creating some really amazing tastes and flavours.

Have a great September and see you next month where we will be charging into the Christmas madness once again!

Eat, sleep, love