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Remember Remember, now it’s November!

Brrrr! It’s time for cold nights and crisp mornings, we’ve got through Halloween and Guy Fawkes in one piece, now we’re gearing up for our 10th anniversary edition of the LexChef competition!

This year we have eight confirmed finalists for LexChef and there is a twist … Our Chefs have been tasked with a vegetarian main course. Also on the night my previous winners will be competing on an omelette challenge, it should be a fun evening for everyone attending.

Back in the kitchens our Chefs are getting ready for the mad season once again, there will be some new twists on Christmas ideas, the team are also busy preparing for our next food forum which is based around Christmas hotplates.

On the seasonal front, look out for British apples and pears which are perfect eating as they are, but my personal favourite is stewing them and covering with a crunchy crumble topping, draped with warm custard to finish…. A dish to really warm you on a November evening.

Have a great month and I look forward to welcoming you all at LexChef 2017!

Eat, Sleep, Love.