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Non stop juicing at Lexington

Here at Lexington, we are all about keeping things fresh, tasty and exciting.

In 2014 we launched our own range of fruit and vegetable juices, called Vitalicious Juice. The award winning juice has been a huge hit with our customers and this year we have been rolling out a brand new juice every month.

This month Sweet Beets has been hitting our cafés and restaurants and pop up juice bars are appearing across the business. These give us the opportunity to blitz our ingredients and give our customers the freshest product made to order.

All of our juices are packed with deliciously healthy ingredients and every sip really feels like you’re doing your body some good.

Our new juice this month, Sweet Beets is refreshing mix of beetroot, grapefruit, cashews and dates, which is great to kick-start your day or to have pre-lunch! This juice is gluten free and packed with cashews, which are a great source of healthy fats and sure to give you an energy kick!

Beetroot and grapefruit have also now become the new double act with brand new recipes appearing online daily –  the earthy flavour compliments the grapefruit and makes both ingredients sing.

So keep your eyes peeled for our pop up juice bars, new juices throughout 2016 and liven up your diet with our Vitalicious range.