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My Best in Class at the Hospitality Show

Lexington had a fantastic result at this year’s Hospitality Show at the NEC Birmingham winning Gold, Silver and Bronze and Best in Class across all the competitions entered!

Our Lex School of Talent Apprentice, Joanna Moore, who won Silver and Best in Class in the Lexington Superfood Challenge, gives us the lowdown on how it felt to enter and win her first ever competition…

I began to prepare for this competition by doing A LOT of research.  I looked into a wide range of different superfoods and healthy cooking methods before talking to Ben Tamlyn (my head chef). He guided and assisted me to perfect my flavours and skills for this dish.

Before the competition, I felt surprisingly calm. I knew that I had practiced my dish and I was extremely happy with my flavour combinations. As soon as the time started, however, my hands started shaking! I pushed through my nerves and filleted my mackerel to my highest standard yet. Once Ben and I had both of our dishes plated and served, I felt a great sense of accomplishment, and relief!

Whilst we were waiting for our results, I started to get really nervous. I had seen the tough competition but I so desperately wanted to place just to prove to myself that I could do it! When the judges announced that Ben and I had achieved a silver medal AND best in class, I was overwhelmed. I had never thought that we would have achieved that. I think I screamed and hugged everyone before collecting our awards and I couldn’t wipe that smile off my face. This competition really showed me how important teamwork in the kitchen is. I couldn’t have achieved anywhere near this result without Ben’s help and support – thanks Ben!