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May the sunshine be with you!

Whoop Whoop!

May is upon us, the gardens are coming alive and the growing season kicks off!

In the fields, spring lambs are hopping around (and finally coming down in price), English asparagus is at the top of its game and the fresh garlic leaf  is in abundance this year.

Our Lexy chefs have been busy across the business; our Food Development Team delivered an amazing training session looking at our summer Blend healthy eating range and some stunning vegan dishes that fall into our award-winning Grains&Greens range.

I had an amazing cooking session at The Children’s Hospital School at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The children are always a joy and it is the best part of my job, so rewarding and humbling. It is an amazing place and one I am proud to be associated with for over 15 years now.

Have a great month, enjoy the next May bank holiday – fingers crossed it’s a scorcher like the last one and lets hope that the sun shines for all!

Eat, sleep, love