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Lowdown on the BariStar Competition…

Our new Marketing Coordinator, Darcy Anderson, gives us the lowdown on our recent BariStar competition…

Coffee has become such a staple in our everyday lives. Lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites can be found in almost any high-street outlet, however here at Lexington we’re always looking for the next big thing! We held our annual Baristar competition this month, which proved just how creative the staff in our business can be.

The event was held at Knight Frank and kicked off with an introduction of the judges, who were ready for caffeine-fuelled evening. The panel comprised of, Aniello Manfredonia, illy, Kerry Lawrence, Union Coffee and James Lee-Cambell, UCC.
Having previously completed a technical trial, each contestant had the challenge of creating a signature drink that was unique to them. They displayed flawless techniques whilst making their beverages under the watchful eyes of the judges and spectators.

Alvaro Bozzi one of the finalists remarked on how difficult it was creating his signature drink, “The Land of Cascara”, which came third overall. He commented “The right balance between the coffee, cascara and dried fruit orange is hard to achieve so you need to practice until you get the right blend”

Damjan produced a “Virgin Espresso Martini” which was a high contender for first place. His secret ingredient was a touch of Vanilla paste in order to add a hint of sweetness to the cocktail. Despite the immaculate presentation and great flavour, Damjan was beaten to the top spot by Artur.

Arturs signature drink was The ‘Caldo & Freddo’, which translates to ‘cold & hot’ in Italian. It’s made with hot chocolate and two shots of coffee blended with ice and liquid sugar. The secret is to pour in the hot chocolate first, and then the iced coffee to enhance the ‘cold & hot’ taste experience.

Artur said “I am very happy and proud to be the winner of Baristar 2017. Now, more than ever, I feel that I am giving my very best as a barista and have great confidence in my role. It feels great to be named the best barista of 2017 within the company and I would like to thank my managers Valeria and Anthony, my brilliant trainer, Aniello, our Head Chef Simon and to all my friends and colleagues for their help and support during this amazing journey. I hope this tile will bring a brighter and better future in many forms!”

We certainly see this BariStar, and all of our finalists, shining brightly in the future!

Plus watch the highlights of the competiton here!