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Lexington Catering Gets Juicy…

 …in a Bid to Help Organisations Improve Wellbeing
Lexington Catering has launched its own range of fruit and vegetable juices, called Vitalicious Juice…

It is a brand new line within its award winning ‘Let’s Energise’ food range. The catering company has started by introducing three of its juices across a selection of its sites, all of which are available pre-blitzed on the day or customers can select the fruit and vegetable pot and have it juiced up to order.

Rob Kirby, Chef Director at Lexington Catering says, “Juice bars have already made it big in the US and they are now creeping onto our UK high streets as the demand for fresh quality fruit and vegetable juice picks up.

“Our new Vitalicious Juices have been developed as part of our commitment to help workers achieve good health and wellbeing. They are great for busy employees, who want to grab something quickly, that is healthy and packed with goodness, to help them get through the working day.”

The new juices contain a great source of natural vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. On average, they are less than 170 calories and count towards your two and a half of your five a day. They include:

Mean Green
This is full of goodness and designed to help employees sustain energy levels throughout their day. It is a mix of low GI (glycemic index) fruit and vegetables to help balance blood sugar levels.

Detox Special
This contains approximately a third of your RDA of dietary fiber, designed to aid digestion and balance cholesterol levels. It is a mix of fruit, vegetables and herbs. 

Workout Wonder
This juice is low in calories and fat. It is a mix of fruit and vegetables and contains a mix of nutritious goodness. 

Julia Edmonds, Managing Director at Lexington says, “Research shows UK businesses will be placing more emphasis on health and wellbeing in 2014 and we are working with employers to support them in doing do. We are constantly refreshing our menus to ensure there is a selection of food and drink that both meets the needs of our customers and helps our clients improve the health, energy and performance of their staff.” 

Lexington Catering has also introduced a section of other products into its refreshed ‘Let’s Energise’ range. These are designed to balance good slow releasing carbohydrates, good fats and good proteins to give customers constant high energy all day.