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July Means Only One Thing

July means only one thing –  BBQ’s and Pimm’s! This time of year is about the irresistible smell of smoke from a BBQ and Pimms laced with fresh British strawberries and cucumbers berries bursting with flavour and screaming British summertime!


It’s exciting times here at Lex… We are just about to start our interviews for the next batch of Lex School of Talent apprentice chefs, fresh faced from school and ready to rattle the pans with Lexington. It’s such a rewarding part our business, seeing young people starting their careers and taking them on the journey from kitchen apprentice to being a master in the kitchen.


Going around the business I’ve seen some amazing chef tables with some great British produce really bought to life and tasting delicious! The food team have been busy working on a new range of Grains&Greens and Flex products, whilst also creating some really funky protein pots – perfect for the warmer months.


Taste of London took our teams up to Regents Park where I did a great food demonstration in the sun, featuring some of our vegetarian and vegan recipes alongside our amazing supplier Belazu with all their brilliant produce. It was a fantastic evening had by all, made all the more special by the glorious sunshine.


The BBQ season is well and truly here; so get out in the garden and get grilling! I’ve got a great recipe from my cook book ‘The Family Kitchen‘ where the steaks are cooked on a pre-soaked plank of wood over the flames. It is truly amazing and will give rib eye steaks a succulent and tender flavour that you’ve never experienced before.


Now get those BBQ weapons out and get grilling!


See you next month


Eat. Sleep. Love