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January’s here…

And head on into healthy January we set sail!

Welcome back everyone and hope Christmas was everything you wanted it to be; family, friends and lots of scrummy and decadent food. Now it’s time to be sensible and what a difficult month to do all that in – when it’s cold outside and all you want is to be huddled up with rich stews, comforting pudds and big bold red wines!

Well sit tight on that thought and hold off until February as like a lot of London we have really embraced Veganuary at Lexington. We’ve got a whole new range of vegan grab and go sandwiches and salads, some rich and flavour packed soups and of course vegan specials from our Grains&Greens range. And for those needing a little naughtiness we’ve got some vegan bakery treats too!

We have started the year at full speed and are currently working on our Vitalicious lifestyle juices and new Grains&Greens dishes for springtime. The food team are also planning an action packed year of training with our first chef’s forum for 2018 lined up in February.

This month is a real veggie month.  The root vegetables are at their finest, flavour packed King January Cabbage and first of the rhubarb should be putting in an appearance and if you have to fly anything into the country let it be glorious blood oranges from Italy; cut in half they look like the sun and will warm your heart through the winter months!

Eat. Love. Sleep

Rob x