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Health & Wellbeing – The Lexy Way!

Lots of us begin the New Year with good intentions but by the time February and March roll in many of us have fallen off the salad wagon.

With people searching for the latest healthy eating solution to maintain their health regime, we discuss ways to eat healthier and feel more energised.

Let’s Energise is our award-winning healthy eating range, which we created back in 2011. The delicious range delivers sustained energy levels and nutritiously balanced products to our customers and clients every day. It is especially popular with customers around this time of year, as people look to continue their healthy start to the new year. It’s not about dieting or losing weight – the range provides a combination of the right foods to achieve good health and high energy. It’s also about making healthy food tasty!

This year we’re introducing lots of seasonal juice specials to our award wining Vitalicious Juice range we’ve just introduced our first ever Let’s Energise soup line; Super Soups!

Whilst food and drink has a huge impact on our health, we know that there’s a lot more to think about when it comes to good health. Wellbeing is a big focus for us here at Lexington because we know that a happy team makes a great team!
In addition to providing healthy food options, we also work hard to create a friendly and fun work environment, where people want to come to work every day. Last year we launched a new campaign linked to Action for Happiness, which includes a 7-Day Happiness Challenge.
This is based on four simple actions:
Three Good Things: At the end of each day, write down three good things that happened that day, including why those things were good
Kindness Day: On one day this week, do as many extra acts of kindness for others as possible
Calm Your Mind: Follow the free Headspace “Take 10” program for ten minutes each day at
Move Your Body: Do something physically active (and enjoyable!) for at least 10 minutes each day

These may sound relatively simple things to do but the reality is they can often fall to the wayside as you get caught up in work and day-to-day life. It’s about taking time and remembering to do these small actions each week – over time they will then become a habit.