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Grown in the dark and hand-picked by candle light, forced rhubarb is a bright and tasty addition to dishes and is in season now

Rob Kirby, Jon Lilley and our fruit and vegetable supplier, DDP went to visit the Yorkshire ‘Rhubarb Triangle’, to see how forced rhubarb is farmed. Whilst there they visited D. Westwood & Sons, who are one of the largest producers in the area. They have been farming this sweet stuff for 64 years. 

Forced rhubarb is grown in large blacked out sheds which are lit by candle light. At the beginning of winter they are then moved indoors and are ready to be picked in mid February and are hitting our kitchen’s now. 

As a result, the rhubarb is a bright vivid pink which is such a great way to inject colour into the menu over the winter months. The rhubarb is extremely tender and much sweeter than an outdoor grown relative. Therefore it is perfect for a rhubarb crumble with handmade custard! 

What a fabulous British winter vegetable, next stop the kitchen!