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February’s best

Wahoo! We made it through January and for all of those who did it dry, BIG respect!

This month finds all the root vegetables still at their best with cabbage taking pole position, but the clear winner this month will be Yorkshire’s finest, pink rhubarb.

Bursting with flavour and shouting out for British apples to be slowly stewed together, then placed in the oven with a crumble topping and caramelised brown sugar…

Enter clotted cream and have some quiet time, bliss.

Our chefs are getting ready for Hotelympia London next month, competing in various live competitions under the stewardship of Lex Chef Danny Leung who has competed himself over many years. I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing the Chefs the very best of luck in their quest for a gold medal.

Have a great February and I look forward to when we next meet in March with spring around the corner.

Eat, Sleep, Love