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Brrr…. January’s Here

I hope you all had a restful time with family and friends of the festive period but now January’s upon us and it’s time to get fit and work off those Christmas indulgences!

January finds King cabbage at its very best and the colder it goes the better all the root vegetables get! They’re perfect for pot roasts and all those regional British comfort dishes that we all do so well.

London is one of the gastro capitals of the world and taking a look at what’s trending for 2015 modern British and American are still leading the charge with rising stars such as Israeli and Persian food making a big noise, casual dining continues to be leagues above the rest in trending service styles.

All our Let’s Energise Vitalicious lifestyle juices are on the up this month with re-launches of favourites such as ‘Mean Green’ and ‘Detox Special’. Watch out for our post-Christmas January special the ‘Incredible Hulk’ boasting kale, spinach, ginger, parsley, grapes, fennel and bananas no less! Our Vitalicious juice range has been shortlisted for ‘Best New Product’ at the Health and Vitality Awards later this month so fingers crossed… we’re also busy working on a range of calorie controlled Let’s Energise soups – so watch out!

Finally wishing our Lexy chefs; boys and girls, the very best of luck! They’re competing at the NEC Hospitality Show where they will be fighting to get amongst the medals.

Happy January all – wrap up warm, eat well & sleep lots,

Rob xx