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August and the Glorious 12th


Summer is in full swing and the holiday season is here!

August is a time when the greenhouses are bursting to the brim with beautiful red rosy tomatoes. The smell of them as you enter is incredible and gets me every time with evocative memories of my childhood, picking them in my grandparents’ garden.

Coming up in the seasonal eating calendar is the grouse season which starts on the ‘Glorious 12th August’. Make sure you’re ready with the bread sauce and game chips; classic, simple and very British!

We’ve had a huge response to our Grains&Greens high energy veggie concept and we’re currently working on a new range for the autumn with the addition of some exciting breakfast options – so watch out as they’re coming to you soon!

Our chefs are being kept busy and out of trouble (we hope!) and we’re about to kick off with our first meeting on our annual Lex Chef competition. This competition just grows year on year and I’ve got a line-up of fantastic judges for our final on 10th November, we’ll keep you all posted as we go along.

Enjoy August, it’s usually a quiet month in the City but it appears that Lexington didn’t get that memo!

Eat, sleep, love

Rob x