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An Evening with Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

Jennifer Banke, a Bid Writer in the Lexy Sales team talks to us about our recent DOCASA engagement session…

It doesn’t seem that long ago I was living in East London’s Whitechapel and it was always so difficult to find a decent coffee shop. DOCASA’s newly opened location brings a breath of fresh air to the area – I would have loved to have this place on my doorstep back in those days!

We’re introduced to the event by Ashley Lopez, CEO of DOCASA. She explains that exceptional quality, superior taste and a meaningful experience create their point of difference in the highly competitive coffee market. All new baristas at DOCASA must go through rigorous training courses and are ranked according to experience and skill level – Rooks are beginners, Bishops are intermediate and Knights are advanced. We then split into three groups and head to the stations to learn more about the coffee making process and ethos of the company.

Our first stop is with Dumo, Head Roaster, where he talks us through the origin and tasting notes of the filter coffees. The first blend; a lighter, fruitier flavour and the second; a fuller, more chocolatey mouthfeel. I’m not usually the biggest fan of filter coffee, but I could definitely get on board with these!

The next caffeine station was barista-made coffee. After enjoying one of the best flat-whites I’ve ever had, I went to buy a bag of beans to take home only to find out that this was an exclusive blend to Lexington and not sold in their shops! Looks like I’ll have to head to a Lexy site for my morning coffee hit…  

Ashley finishes off the evening by explaining more about DOCASA’s far-reaching social impact strategy and the importance of it to the company. The ‘Social Affairs’ arm of the company’s name refers partly to their customers’ coffee drinking experience but also to the humanitarian and charitable work the company does in the UK and Africa.

She explains that, ‘A key strand of our DNA is the social impact. One minute you might be meeting with our shop managers in London and the next you are talking with the team in Malawi about building a new water pump’.

I hadn’t realised they worked so closely to support such amazing charities such as Pump Aid, London-based Team Up, the Central London Rough Sleepers Committee, Afri-can and they sponsor the South African Hout Bay Barcelona Football Club for children. Knowing this really helps you feel that you’re supporting a worthwhile cause with every purchase and gives you the perfect excuse to drink great coffee every day!

We ended the evening with scrummy cakes and bakes all washed down with, what else, but salted caramel espresso martinis. I didn’t get much sleep that night with a serious coffee buzz in full force, but it was well worth it!